Ex-Manchester United star believes Maguire is not good enough for big teams.

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Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker has slammed Harry Maguire for playing for a big club. Because too nervous and too slow.

The England international has been dropped as a substitute for the Red Devils following the arrival of Leesandro Martinez, who has been paired with Raphael Varane as the club’s centre-back pair. Ger noted Maguire was not good enough to play for a top club.

“Honestly, the situation with Harry Maguire right now is embarrassing. UFABET The way he took off the armband from Bruno Fernandes was absolutely miserable.” Parker told MyBettingSite.

“He shouldn’t remember that and Erik ten Hag has to decide now to take the captaincy off Maguire for good. I’m not sure he’ll find a new club in January.”

“He can’t play for top teams like Man City, Liverpool or Newcastle because they defend so high. He needed to play against a team that blocked low because he was too nervous and too slow to play against a big club.

“But I think he’s quite happy at Man United and most likely he’ll adapt and enjoy his time on the sidelines. Because he knows other clubs will be a downgrade from Man United.”

“As for Maguire, he doesn’t have enough leadership. and play for yourself Some strokes stand too low. Or sometimes dribbling forward without thinking carefully that What should be fed? Until finally found a dead end and caused the team to lose rhythm.”