Potter understands fans sing about Tuchel.

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Chelsea boss Graeme Potter responded to the media after being asked about fans singing a song about former boss Thomas Tuchel.

“The Blues” lost to Manchester City 4-0 in the FA Cup on Sunday night. Throughout the game, the team had only 3 chances to switch the trigger and only hit the frame once. To the displeasure of the fans who chanted Tuchel. Including former club owner Roman Abramovich, after the team trailed three goals from the first half.

which Chelsea fans They booed manager Graham Potter and sang sarcastically for former head coach Thomas Tuchel UFABET 

Potter said of this: “I understand the frustration of the supporters. But our job is to do our job. There are always negative comments, criticisms and remarks. But that’s part of the challenge.”

“It’s always challenging in the Premier League and it’s always challenging here. I understand their mood and I understand looking at the result and performance today that it is still far away from Manchester City.

“That’s clear. We have to focus on the next day. The next game, we play on Thursday and it’s an important game for us. We must unite. support each other. And I’m sure we will be cheering from the fans when we see good performances and results.”