Aston Villa with a chance to finish in the top 4

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Aston Villa with a chance to finish in the top 4

1 point in this game seems to be very valuable to Aston Villa. Who are currently in 4th place, 5 points ahead of Spurs, with the Golden Spurs having the final 2 games in hand. While Villa has 1 game left. However, Spurs S have a queue to meet Manchester City on Tuesday night, which if Postecoglou’s team doesn’t win, it will be over immediately. Singha Rising will guarantee 4th place to play in the UEFA Champions League. Next season, without having to wait for the final game to be away at Crystal Palace,

the only way for Spurs to overtake the 4th place is if they have to win both Manchester City and Sheffield United in the final match. Including having to give Villa a chance. Lost to Palace in the closing game of the season, but if Singha Rising draws with Palace, the Golden Spurs must win both games and score with a total goal difference of 8 goals in order to overtake. If this condition actually happens, it means that they have the opportunity to send Arsenal, their rival team, to finally win the league!

VAR works hard

In this game, both the moments. Where the goal was scored and the many times. Where the ball was passed into the bottom of the net. They all evenly matched children. That are difficult to watch. The type that can hardly seen with the naked eye. Even when you stop the picture and look at VAR, it’s still difficult to judge. That makes in this game the VAR referee, Chris Cavanagh, has a tough job having to sit and measure the angles. This makes us see.

That this is another point where decision making in the Premier League should involve more than just stopping the shot and letting the referee ทางเข้า ufabet measure the lines themselves. Although it can help somewhat in moments where it’s clear, when faced with moments that overlap at the centimeter level, perhaps using AI to help should make the game look more transparent and reduce doubts.