Yorke analyzes the reasons Ronaldo chose this path.

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Former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke has analyzed why Cristiano Ronaldo chose to speak to Piers Morgan. Leading to his departure from Manchester United club.

Ronaldo’s journey to the Red Devils in a second career ended badly after he gave interviews to attack his former club. Until he ended his contract before deciding to join Al-Nasser in Saudi Arabia.

York said Ronaldo’s decision to do so was not respected enough. UFABET Including not being the leader of the team

“I know there are people who are truly passionate and loving Manchester United and want to bring Manchester United back to the top.” Yorke told The National clearly felt that the only way he could help the club get to. That point was I think he wants to be a leader.”

“And I think when Harry Maguire wasn’t consistently in the team, I got the feeling Ronaldo would think it wasn’t right. He felt that he should have taken the lead. as top scorer He feels he is not getting the respect he deserves because without him last year United wouldn’t have been anywhere.

“I think he didn’t get enough credit. There was a flood of criticism. How he did an interview with Piers Morgan and spoke openly about it. But I think he’s reached a point where it’s enough. He saw that the club was not going in the direction he wanted. He wanted to lead but didn’t get that opportunity. So it ended up like this.”