World Cup heavyweight Ivan Tonyy bans for eight months

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Brentford striker Ivan Tonyy has opened up about missing out on the World Cup. at the end of last year Considered more disappointing than being banned for 8 months,

the famous striker was hit by the English Football Association. Long banned for alleged violations of 232 gambling rules, สมัคร ufabet

his ban was followed up by Gareth Southgate for not being flagged to play in Qatar

. it’s good But I’m the kind of person who I don’t want anyone to regret with me ′′ ′

′ Even after missing football for 8 months, which is the most severe punishment. But missing the World Cup that is everyone’s dream It’s bigger than missing the ball for 8 months.”

The 27-year-old striker first served for the “Roaring Lions” as a substitute in the Euro 2024 qualifying win over Ukraine in March after being called up. First flag since September last year

Tony will return to action on January 17 next year, but can return to training from September or four months before his release. Ivan Tonyy

“I did what I had done before. Punishment is punishment. I have to take it ′

′ I just have to focus on when I’m back in training. I want to become another beast when I come back. I will surely be terrified.”