Foster agrees to stay at Wrexham after being given more days off

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Ben Foster has reveal he has agree to stay at Wrexham after being granted an extend day off.

The former Manchester United star has signed a short-term contract with a non-league club. and contributed to helping Wrexham successfully promote to League Two

Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElenny He made it clear that he would like the 40-year-old to keep them in charge of England’s fourth division campaign, seeing his talent and experience as a huge plus

. With being a YouTube number after retiring last year But he has agree to stay at Wrexham for another year after being grant an extend day off.

“They have to be flexible with me about holidays. as i said before I’m only a few hours away from Wrexham,” he told

“So if I drive to training it takes two hours, after training I go home on the M6, I’m Birmingham. Sometimes it takes 3 hours ′

′ The club has been very good to me for the 6 weeks that I did. They are very flexible. They gave me an extra day of rest ′′ ′

′ If we play on Saturday. They would let me rest on Sunday and Monday. I will practice on Tuesday. But we’ll be off on Wednesday anyway. So I will only train for three days.