Carragher contradicts Walker for praising Paul Oliver for his neat work.

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Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher responds to Manchester City captain Kyle Walker over the performance of referee Michael Oliver. After his doubts at the end of the 1-1 draw with Liverpool at the weekend. The British player thought the black shirt was correct, but Carra stubbornly protested.

Before the end of stoppage time, with the score tied at 1-1. There was a problem when the ‘Reds’ attacked and pressed the visiting team in the box. And it appeared that Jeremie Dogu raised his foot high and stuck it in the ribs of Alexis Macklister, who ran in. And added Try to catch the ball that floats in the air until it falls to the ground. UFABET

Referee #1 Oliver said no foul was committed. The game-ending event has already taken place. Which means that VAR has no role in replaying the events.

In which Walker thinks that the 39-year-old Black Shirt made the right decision by not giving out a foul or a penalty. Following the pressure of the fans in the Anfield stadium.

Of course, as a former ‘Reds’ defender, Carragher strongly disagrees with the 33-year-old right-back’s comments. Because it seems like he only gets it. And it is a matter of psychological pressure hoping for results.

Carragher tweeted on his account @Carra23.

“Personally, I don’t think the referee’s decision to deny a penalty was a huge mistake.”

“But when I listened to that guy’s (Walker) interview, it was really weird.” 

“Manchester City’s public relations/communications department arranged an interview appointment. Make an effort and change the matter that happened. Good luck in making that decision!!!! This is a psychological game.” 

The situation at the top of the English Premier League 2023-24 points table is three teams competing for the championship in the last 10 matches. Arsenal is the leader with 64 points, tied with Liverpool in second place. But Head Coach Mikel Arteta’s team scored a goal -lose superiority. 

On the side of Manchester City, third place has less than one point.